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Corporate Plan

Social Security Scotland’s Corporate Plan is available for download. This interim Corporate Plan explains what Social Security Scotland is here to do – which is to administrate the Scottish social security system effectively, in accordance with the principles for social security set out in the Social Security Scotland Act 2018 – and how we will go about doing it.

The various things we must do, in order to achieve our purpose, are set out in the form of ‘strategic objectives’. Our performance will be measured against these objectives.

As with all we do, our Corporate Plan will be shaped by the views and input of our stakeholders and the people we serve. Over the next year, we will be consulting on this plan and our strategic objectives, to ensure that they meet peoples’ expectations and requirements. Around this time next year, we will publish an updated version of this document, that will take account of the feedback we receive.

Easy Read Corporate Plan

We have also made available below an Easy Read version of our interim Corporate Plan. We welcome feedback on this version, which is a work in progress. To provide feedback, please contact Social Security Scotland Communications Team.

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