Our Audit and Assurance Committee

Audit and Assurance Committee

We have an Audit and Assurance Committee that is a sub-committee of our Executive Advisory Body. This is chaired by an Independent Member Russell Frith and consists of three other non-executive members from the Executive Advisory Body; Elaine Noad, Douglas Hutchens and Jessica Burns

The Audit and Assurance Committee supports the Accountable Officer in his responsibilities on issues of risk management, control, governance and finance.

Russell Frith is a chartered accountant with over 35 years experience of auditing, accounting and governance in the public, private and third sectors. He has spent over 25 years in the Scottish public sector including as Assistant Auditor General at Audit Scotland until 2017 where, inter alia, he led on audit quality, professional standards, housing benefit audit and the National Fraud Initiative. He has been extensively involved in setting professional standards for auditors and accountants across the UK and been a member of several boards and audit committees. He is currently a non-executive director in the private sector and trustee of several charities and community organisations.

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