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The latest news from Social Security Scotland

Hands holding those of another.

Over 77k people qualify for first Carer’s Allowance Supplement

19 February 2019

A smiling young girl holds a baby on her shoulder

Best Start Grant pays out £2.7m

8 February 2019

Substantial increase in support for low income families.

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More people expected to benefit from new Funeral Expense Assistance

30 January 2019

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Four new benefits to help Scottish families in 2019

6 January 2019

Four new benefits to help Scottish families in 2019

Carer’s Allowance Supplement discussion

Carers welcome cash support at Christmas

27 December 2018

Second Carer’s Allowance Supplement paid

First Minister meeting Best Start Grant recipients

Parents welcome improved support

17 December 2018

Families are now benefitting from the new Best Start Grant Pregnancy and Baby Payment, which supports low income families.