Re-determination and appeals timescales extended

14 April 2020

Supporting people through Covid-19


Wednesday 1 April, the Scottish Parliament approved emergency legislation to

help businesses, public services and people through the ongoing pandemic.

This includes some changes to the way that Social Security Scotland can manage re-determinations and appeals.

These changes are to enable people time to have their decision looked at again should Covid-19 impact on their ability to submit their request within set timescales.

These changes have also been made to allow for any increased absences that Social Security Scotland may experience as a result of Covid-19.

Social Security Scotland will work towards maintaining normal turn around for re-determinations and appeals for as long as possible.

Clients can normally submit re-determination requests up to one year from the date of receiving their original decision, as long as they have a good reason. The impact of Covid-19 will now be considered as a potential good reason.

If somebody is coming up to the end of their year-long period for a redetermination or appeal, and missed this deadline due to a Covid-19 reason, Social Security Scotland and the Tribunal will have discretion to allow late requests.

The deadline for processing re-determinations has also been extended. On top of the current 16 working day deadline, there will be an additional nine weeks processing time available if required. However, re-determinations will continue to be made as soon as reasonably possible.

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