Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Telephone service and requesting a call back

Since the outbreak of coronavirus we have been working in different ways to help efforts to slow the spread, whilst continuing to support our clients.

This includes moving as many of our colleagues as possible to work from home. As a result, we are currently unable to take inbound calls. We are providing support by phone through asking clients to leave a voicemail and we will call them back.

We are aiming to return calls within three working days for Best Start Grant, Young Carer Grant and general enquiries. For Funeral Support Payment, we are aiming to call back within 24 hours.

The majority of Carer’s Allowance Supplement payments will be made on Friday 26 June. If eligible, you will get a letter in advance. We have no further information until payments have been issued. As such, we are not offering call backs for Carer’s Allowance Supplement at this time. We will resume call back requests for Carer’s Allowance Supplement from 26 June, should you need to get in touch.

We are urging clients to apply online in the first instance but clients who are not able to can request a call back by calling 0800 182 2222 Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. We will call you back between 8am and 6pm and we will try to reach you three times.

If you are calling to apply and would be happy to do this by freepost, leave your name, address and tell us the benefit that you’d like to apply for and we will send out an application form.

Temporary web chat service for clients

There will be clients who are online, have quick questions and would like to be able to speak to someone straight away – in the way that they would usually do through our phone line.

As we are only able to provide call backs through our telephony service due to COVID-19 measures, we have introduced a temporary web chat function to give people a range of ways that they can get in touch with us. Clients will be able to use this web chat for general enquiries and to ask for progress updates on their application. We are not be able to take new applications through this web chat.

It can be accessed at

Clients can now send in evidence online

Once you have submitted your application online, you will get a message guiding you to the new portal to upload your evidence on

If you have been asked to upload additional evidence to support an application that has already been submitted, you can do this on our evidence uploading webpage.

Using a computer or mobile device you can upload up to five pieces of evidence. An example of a document that could be uploaded is a MAT B1 form (maternity certificate) that can be used to support a Best Start Grant Pregnancy and Baby Payment application.

When you upload a piece of evidence, we will match it to your application and put it into your applicant record.

Sending in your evidence online will be the quickest way to get it to us and it will help us to process your application as quickly as possible.

Changes to benefits

On Wednesday 1 April, the Scottish Parliament approved emergency legislation to help businesses, public services and people through the ongoing pandemic.

This includes some changes to the way that we will administer five of our benefits.

These changes are to enable people to still access our support should Covid-19 impact their ability to get an application in within set timescales.

Clients who make a late application after 7 April may still be treated as eligible even when the delay means they are out with our normal eligibility ages, provided they have explained that the reason for their application being late is due to Covid-19.

For more information please visit our News section or clients can visit for eligibility information and to apply.

Re-determination and appeals timescales extended

On Wednesday 1 April, the Scottish Parliament approved emergency legislation to help businesses, public services and people through the ongoing pandemic.

This includes some changes to the way that Social Security Scotland can manage re-determinations and appeals. You can read more in our news article.