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Local delivery

In addition to our headquarters in Dundee and our base in Glasgow, we are delivering our services in local communities across Scotland.

This means:

  • Delivering an accessible and person-centred service by providing a local presence across Scotland to meet people’s needs
  • Enabling our Local Delivery staff to be mobile and work flexibly, travelling to and operating from locations across their local area
  • Giving clients a choice in how they access our local delivery service by offering support in outreach locations, prisons and home visits
  • Providing one to one support and helping people to understand what devolved benefits they are entitled to and help them to complete applications

Our services are located wherever possible in buildings people already use – for example, with local authority services.

To better enhance this presence, we have developed and built relationships with Local Authorities, Health and Social Care partnerships and third sector organisations to identify where to co-locate and deliver our services in local communities across Scotland.

Over time, we aim to build up a network of locally-based staff, who will provide people with one-to-one support and help them understand what devolved benefits they are entitled to, help complete applications, support people through the process and any follow up actions relating to their case. By the time we are fully operational we expect to employ around 400 people to work on local delivery of social security services around Scotland.