Portfolio Sponsor Meeting - Monday 24 August 2020


Date: Monday 24 August 2020
Time: 15:00 to 16:30



David Wallace (DW) - Chief Executive (Chair)

Stephen Kerr (SK) - Director of Social Security (Portfolio Sponsor)

Janet Richardson (JR) - Deputy Director of Operations & Local Delivery

James Wallace (JW) - Deputy Director of Finance & Corporate Services

Miriam Craven (MC) - Deputy Director of Strategy & Client Experience

Paul Knight (PK) - Head of Clinical Operations

Kirsten Sweeney (KS) - Strategic Communications Lead


Rebecca Carradice (RC) - Business Support Manager

Neve Rawlinson (NR) - Business Support Officer

  1. Welcome
    The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting.

  2. Minutes of previous meeting
    The minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

  3. Update from Portfolio Sponsor on Directorate
    SK gave a brief update on key activity across the Directorate.

  4. Overview of Agency Headlines
    MC gave an update on the current Non-Executive appointments as the role of the Executive Advisory Body continued to develop. The staggering of extensions would ensure that the Agency would retain continuity of Non-Executive expertise.

  5. Balance Scorecard
    JR discussed Social Security Scotland’s performance against the balance scorecard.

  6. Feedback from the Executive Advisory Body
    MC gave an update on the recent Executive Advisory Body meeting, conducted via video conference.

  7. Update on Agency Communications
    KS updated SK on the Agency’s communications activity.

  8. Any other business
    SK led a discussion on chairing of meetings going forward and it was agreed that SK would take over chair of Portfolio Sponsor Meeting from DW (ACTION).

Date of next meeting: 5 October 2020