Service design and delivery

The services that we deliver are being designed by the Social Security Programme. This is separate from Social Security Scotland and is part of the Scottish Government Social Security Directorate.

We are working closely with colleagues from across Policy, the Programme, Chief Digital Office and Communities Analysis Division to make make sure that we collectively provide the best possible service for the people that we will serve.

Our service has been designed together with the people who use it – our clients. The Scottish Government worked closely with our partners both in the public and third sector, as well as with our Experience Panel of around 2000 citizens. Their experience ensured the designs were fit for use.

We will continue to develop social security policy and benefits through this collaborative approach, to make sure our service design reflects the needs of our clients and the wider Scottish public.

We will also continue to work effectively with others to make sure we are designing and delivering a high quality public service. This will include supporting information and advice, and advocacy services, and tapping into existing expertise from both internal and external stakeholders.

Step by step, over the coming years, the benefits we design will become the responsibility of Social Security Scotland, which will deliver services at the heart of our communities.