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Digital Strategy

Our Digital Strategy sets out our plan to develop digital services that will support the benefits being transferred from the UK Department for Work and Pensions and the new Social Security Scotland benefits.

We are putting our clients at the heart of all of our planning and design, and will be adapting and changing the technology we introduce to ensure we meet their needs, while treating them with dignity, fairness and respect.

The policy is being developed by the Scottish Government Programme and Chief Digital Office.

Our approach to digital security and data privacy ensures that we treat client data with dignity, fairness and respect in line with our core values.

We have developed a wide variety of communications channels in a range of formats to make our communications easily accessible for everyone. This includes digital channels, print materials and regular face to face communications.

We use this approach when we are sharing our corporate information and when we are seeking views or engagement from members of the public.

We also apply these flexible ways of communicating to our recruitment activity.

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