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Equality Strategy

Our Equality Strategy outlines how we will continually improve our service by ensuring that equality is at the centre of everything we do and by bringing improvement to people who experience discrimination and disadvantage.

This means doing better than what people expect from us as a public body where possible and delivering on all our responsibilities as set out in relevant legislation such as the Equality Act 2010 and Social Security Act (Scotland) 2018. Our Equality Strategy will set out how we will meet and work to exceed these obligations.

To inform the development of our Equality Strategy we held a public consultation on our Draft Mainstreaming Equality Outcomes between 7 November 2019 and 6 February 2020 as well as public and staff events. During this consultation, we asked people to give us their feedback on the equality outcomes we drafted.

An external company carried out the analysis of the responses we received. The Mainstreaming equality outcomes: consultation analysis presents the findings from the public consultation and explains how responses were analysed.

We have also published Equality Outcomes and a Mainstreaming Equality Progress Report.

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