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Requesting a BASRiS form

The 'allow list' in this guidance was formerly known as 'whitelist'.

The BASRiS form gives confirmation of an individual’s terminal illness for the purpose of accessing disability assistance benefits in Scotland.

If you have access to the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) on an NHS network, you can complete a BASRiS web form. If you do not have access to SWAN you should use an editable PDF BASRiS form or a paper BASRiS form.

A new version of the BASRiS form was released on 15 December 2022. Please ensure you use the most up to date form.

The new form states that the date to be provided is the date the clinical judgement of terminal Illness was made. You should complete the BASRiS as soon as you make the clinical judgement, but if you complete it on a later date, you must put the date on which you made the clinical judgement.

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