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Applications from across Scotland for new Child Disability Payment

Clients from every local authority in Scotland have successfully applied for the new Child Disability Payment in the weeks following its national launch.

Following a pilot in three local authority areas, the benefit was rolled out across the country from 22 November 2021.

According to the latest official statistics, almost £400,000 has been paid out between the pilot’s start date of 26 July 2021 and 31 December 2021.

Most applications have been received from Glasgow City (12%), followed by pilot areas Dundee City (11%) and Perth & Kinross (8%).

Clients receiving Child Disability Payment can get payments to cover care and mobility. More than half (52%) of clients were authorised for both, with 47% awarded care only and 1% mobility only.

The care payment is split into three tiers, high, middle and low levels. The highest level has been authorised to 43% of clients, with middle 40% and lowest 17%.

Child Disability Payment replaces the UK Government’s Disability Living Allowance for children.

Those already receiving Disability Living Allowance for children do not need to make a new application as we will contact them ahead of their award being automatically transferred.

Heather from Peebles successfully applied for Child Disability Payment for her child.

She said: “Having previous experience of applying for Disability Living Allowance for children, I was so delighted to see how well the form is designed and it gave lots of guidance as to the information required. Being able to do it online in chunks and go back to it is very helpful and makes things much easier. This easier application process will open the door to help more vulnerable children and families to apply.

“I am so grateful as this will make such a difference to the enhancements I can provide for him. The things that bring my son joy are video games and learning skills at forest school. Having that bit more money from Child Disability Payment means he can do more courses like this where they work in small groups. That really builds his confidence and self-esteem. The positive experience of this then helps him to cope better with the challenges of the school environment.

“Hopefully this will have the knock-on effect in the long term, boosting his self-worth and encouraging him to make friends. The impact on his education has been incredible.”


Child Disability Payment provides money to help with the extra care and mobility costs children and young people with a disability may have, up to the age of 18.

People can find out more and apply through or by calling 0800 182 2222.

Those already receiving Disability Living Allowance for children do not need to make a new application as we will contact them ahead of their award being automatically transferred. This is happening in a phased approach and we aim to have the transfer process completed for everyone in receipt of Disability Living Allowance for children by spring 2023.

The transfer has begun with the cases of those aged between 15 and a half and 17 in receipt of Disability Living Allowance for children and those with a terminal illness being selected first. All other clients aged up to 15 years and 7 months will have their award transferred from spring 2022.

Awards will continue to be made at the same rates as clients’ previous Disability Living Allowance for children payments and there will be no break in entitlement in line with our commitment to a safe and secure transfer.

Child Disability Payment is the first of the three complex disability benefits to be introduced by the Scottish Government that will replace current UK benefits. Adult Disability Payment will be introduced as a pilot from March 2022.

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