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Social Security Scotland win Demystifying Death Award

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Recognition for supporting our bereaved or terminally ill clients

Social Security Scotland has been recognised at the Demystifying Death Awards 2023.

We were successful in winning the Progressive Policy Award for our work in making sure that payments for bereaved or terminally ill people, including Funeral Support Payment and disability benefits, are co-designed, effective and accessible.

This specific award recognises a campaign or policy that that will improve experiences of living with illness, dying or bereavement in Scotland.

The event is run by Good Life, Good Death, Good Grief, a charity-led collaboration of people that want Scotland to be a place where we can be open about and plan for dying. The charity focuses on helping people support each other through death and bereavement.

A Client Adviser who works in the Bereavement Team outlined the support provided to clients:

“Social Security Scotland operates a bereavement service of specially trained client advisers to provide help to people who have to report a death and need to update us. With just one phone call, people can report the death of a family member, friend or loved one directly to an expert adviser. At that point, our adviser will take the necessary information for all payments that need to be cancelled.”

Janet Richardson, Deputy Director for Client Services said:

“I am delighted that Social Security Scotland have been recognised for all of their hard work across Adult and Child Disability Payment and Funeral Support payment for terminally ill clients and bereaved families.

“Coping with a terminal diagnosis of a loved one, family member or friend, is one of the most difficult events any of us can face. It’s even harder when there is the extra stress of trying to cope financially.

“Making sure that everyone gets the financial support they are entitled to is a basic step in putting dignity, fairness and respect at the heart of social security in Scotland.”

Actor Greg Wise and author Dr Kathryn Mannix are among those to also receive one of the awards. Greg Wise was awarded for his dedicated performance on Strictly come Dancing for his sister whom he cared for when she was dying and Dr Kathryn Mannix was recognised for increasing understanding through her novel ‘With the End in Mind’. The awards also aim to recognise those behind the scenes, often in the NHS, social care and charities.

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