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Ondrej recruitment video transcript

My name is Ondrej and I work for Social Security Scotland as a Client Advisor based in Aberdeen City.

My role is currently quite versatile and evolves as the organisation interacts with customers and acquires better understanding of their needs and expectations.

So, diverse skill-set required as well as adaptability and candidates must undergo a quite comprehensive recruitment process.

On reflection, when applying for a job with Social Security Scotland, what really helped me was to take time to carefully read through the key competencies listed in the job advert and really understand what it is that is being asked. This allowed me to focus my mind and come up with relevant and specific examples from my past to demonstrate I have the skill required.

Preparation for the interview proved absolutely crucial as well because the questions are designed to test you and your suitability for the role. I found the process rewarding because it helped me reflect on my strengths and identify areas for improvement, which in turn then boosted my confidence.

Working for Social Security Scotland is truly satisfying. The organisation fosters a supportive environment and endorses flexible working policies which is quite empowering to those with families or caring responsibilities. Although clients are in the heart of everything we do, there is also a strong emphasis on our own wellbeing and personal development. You just never feel you’re alone and there is a real sense of camaraderie across the organisation.

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