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Executive Advisory Body - 20 April 2021


Date: Tuesday 20 April 2021
Time: 10:00 to 12:30
Location: Video conference

1. Welcome, conflicts of interest and action tracker

Verbal update

2. Chair's update

Verbal update for noting presented by David Wallace, Chief Executive

3. Social Security Scotland Readiness for Child Disability Payment

For discussion, presented by Head of Operations and Clinical Lead Child Disability Payments

4. Social Security Scotland 2021-22 Budget Allocation

For discussion, presented by James Wallace, Deputy Director of Finance and Corporate Services

5. Social Security Scotland Revised Corporate Parenting Plan 2021-23

For discussion, presented by Miriam Craven, Deputy Director of Strategy and Client Experience

6. Any other business

Below the line papers

1. Social Security Scotland Executive Advisory Body Minutes

2. Social Security Scotland Human Resources Report March 2021


Redactions have been made to papers in line with Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act exceptions as follows:

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