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Information relating to employee screening: FOI release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

FOI Reference: FOI/202300338035
Date received: 14 January 2023
Date responded: 9 February 2023


The correct testing methods to determine if a person has a severe personality disorder are -

Dr Robert D. Hares, Psychopathy Checklist. This comes in three versions: Revised, Screening, and Youth.

World Health Organisation's, International Personality Disorder Examination tool.

Dr Robert D. Hare's, B-Scan 360 test.

With regards employee screening methods undertaken by Social Security Scotland, which of the above tests is made use of to determine if current, or future employee candidates, have a severe personality disorder?

If none of the above, readily available, tests are used, then which test is made use of by Social Security Scotland, to determine if an employee has a severe personality disorder?


This information is not held. None of the above tests are used.

All employees of Social Security Scotland and the wider Civil Service are screened before commencing employment using Government baseline personnel security standard checks, which are available here:

Roles in Social Security Scotland are also assessed against the Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 to determine whether our staff would be engaged in regulated work as defined by Schedule 2 & 3 of that Act. We do not have any positions which are classified as regulated work.

Social Security Scotland follows the Civil Service Commission Recruitment Principles for all recruitment and all staff are subject to the Civil Service Code which sets out standards of behaviour expected of all civil servants.

About FOI

Social Security Scotland is committed to publishing responses to requests. The Scottish Government also publishes responses to requests. You can view the responses at

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