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The cost of Social Security Scotland’s IT system: FOI Release

Information request and response under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002

FOI Reference: FOI/202300351921
Date received: 17 April 2023
Date responded: 17 May 2023


Request for information 1:

The current total cost of Social Security Scotland’s IT system for the year 2023-24. Please provide current cost or an estimation if the figure could change.

Request for information 2:

A breakdown of the cost of Social Security Scotland’s IT system by financial year. In other words, how much the IT system cost in each financial year since Social Security Scotland was established.


We have interpreted IT system to mean all of the various IT systems that Social Security Scotland utilise. These will include but are not limited to, Human Resource systems, Finance Systems, Purchasing Systems, Debt Systems, Payment Systems, Case Management Systems. These systems are largely controlled by either Social Security Scotland itself or the Scottish Government. We have not included the cost of Department for Work and Pensions systems or Other Government Department systems that we might also utilise and pay for.

Request for information 1:

While our aim is to provide information whenever possible, in this instance Social Security Scotland does not have the information requested.

Information on IT system total cost for the current financial year 2023-24 was not available at the time of your request. It may be helpful to know that the 2023-24 financial year ends on 31 March 2024, information on the cost of the IT systems for the year will be available after this date.

Request for information 2:

We routinely publish information on IT system expenditure in our Annual Report and Accounts. As some IT systems are shared with the Scottish Government the costs are included within the Shared Services recharges we pay, although these do not exclusively relate to IT systems. Information on Scottish Government Shared Service recharges and Social Security Scotland IT systems can be found in Note 3 of our Annual Report and Accounts at the below links.

Social Security Scotland - Annual Report and Accounts 2021-22

Social Security Scotland - Annual Report and Accounts 2020-21

Social Security Scotland - Annual Report and Accounts 2019-20

Social Security Scotland - Annual Report and Accounts 2018-19 (7 months)

Our 2022-23 Annual Report and Accounts is not yet published. We expect that Note 3 to these accounts will show £6.6 million on IT Systems and £7.5 million on Shared Services recharges. These figures are subject to audit and may change on publication of our Annual Report and Accounts for 2022-23.

About FOI

Social Security Scotland is committed to publishing responses to requests. The Scottish Government also publishes responses to requests. You can view the responses at

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