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Rubina recruitment video transcript

Hi, my name is Rubina, and I'm a client support advisor at Social Security Scotland.

What inspired me to apply for the role with Social Security Scotland was that I’m a type of person who likes to work independently and I also have a great passion about making a difference in people’s lives by supporting them to the best of my abilities. The client support advisor role fitted my criteria and as well as being a permanent role, which was the added bonus.

The application process was fairly easy to follow and the STARR technique procedure helped me to structure my answers very effectively. The interview process was very formal however, the panel had put me at ease, which brought the best out of me, hence why I was successful for the role.

My personal experience working with Social Security Scotland is that everyone seems to be really nice and friendly and easy to get on with. As well as the fact that everyone's at different levels, but nobody treats you any differently and everybody makes the effort to talk to you.

I would recommend people to work with Social Security Scotland as it has a super friendly atmosphere, and also the roles are permanent and there is also a chance of progressing further within the organisation. You have the opportunity to work full time or part time with a lot of flexibility. What more could you ask for!

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