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90% of people happy with new social security service

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More than four in five clients who responded feel Social Security Scotland treated them with dignity, fairness and respect, according to the results of a survey published today.

Over 3,000 clients took part in the Client Survey with 90% of people rating their overall experience as ‘very good’ or ‘good’.

It was open to people who had received Carers Allowance Supplement or a decision on a benefit payment from September 2018 up until 31 July 2020.

90% of people who had been in touch with a Client Adviser said they were treated with kindness.

The survey measures how well we have been delivering on our commitments set out in Our Charter and helps identify areas that could be improved.

Clients said:

“My overall experience, I would say, was compassionate.”

“No need for improvement as they are doing a 1st class service.”

“It provides a very accessible and professional service.”

The survey also allowed clients to tell us what they think could be better. Some people said they would have liked more information about other support they can access. This kind of vital feedback will help us improve what we do.

It is all part of our commitment to design a service with the people who use it. Thousands of volunteers already helped us build our new system by taking part in our Experience Panels - sharing their lived experience of the UK benefits system.

We have recently set up brand new Client Panels. Members will be regularly asked for their opinions in several ways, including online and telephone interviews and surveys.

Clients applying online and over the phone have also had the opportunity to take part in automated surveys immediately after they have applied - the results of these can be found at Insights Research Findings.

All of the data we have on feedback including the number of compliments, complaints and suggestions we receive are recorded in our Feedback Statistics reports

Read the full Client Survey.

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