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Charter Measurement Framework

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The Charter Measurement Framework introduced measures that will be used to assess our progress in delivering the Scottish social security system.

The measures relate to the commitments set out in Our Charter. The first three sections of the Charter relate to our delivery and operation. Information will be gathered from staff, stakeholders and clients themselves to show how well we operate and deliver benefits, including how we treat our clients, if staff are well supported and how systems are working.

The measures will also look at Scottish Government policy, what the new system is doing as a whole and what is being achieved over the longer term.

A report will be published each year from 2020 onwards, showing the results of each measure that is relevant in that year.

Social Security Scotland’s Chief Executive David Wallace said:

"The Charter Measurement Framework will show how Social Security Scotland and the Scottish Government are delivering the commitments set out in Our Charter, helping us to constantly improve.

“The framework was co-designed by the Scottish Government, Social Security Scotland and a diverse group of people with lived experience of the social security system. It will help us to ensure that Social Security Scotland and the Scottish Government are delivering what Our Charter promised.”

For more information on The Charter Measurement Framework and to view the framework, visit the Scottish Government website.

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