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Creating apprenticeship opportunities in communities through procurement

It’s Scottish Apprenticeship Week, and we’re celebrating our support in creating apprenticeship opportunities within the communities we serve.

One of the ways we do this is by using Community Benefits as part of our procurement and contract processes, where we ask businesses we work with to commit to positive actions. Last year, we awarded a contract to Mphasis to provide specialist digital and technical support for maintaining and improving Social Security Scotland’s benefit systems and services.

Mphasis committed to meeting a Community Benefit requirement supporting local communities by recruiting and creating opportunities for groups or people seeking work experience, who may not have access to a wide range of options.

The company is now employing two graduate apprentices who are being paid the Real Living Wage. They are being trained to assist in providing the expert support required to help us ensure our benefit systems continue to operate efficiently for our clients.

We are also working alongside Mphasis to identify opportunities for their apprentices to secure permanent positions and continue their professional experience.

Jordan, one of the apprentices, said:

“Mphasis has provided the opportunity to create a strong foundation in the software development industry that will help shape my career as a software engineer.

“The apprenticeship has enabled both formal training in fundamental skills supported by on-the-job learning, working with senior members in the team, giving me a broader perspective to a career in the industry.

“This opportunity also helps me appreciate the work that Mphasis does along with Social Security Scotland to build solutions that help communities in Scotland.”

The Fairer Scotland Duty places responsibilities on the public sector to consider what more we can do to reduce poverty and inequality when making key decisions. As part of our procurement activity, we follow the Scottish Government procurement aims to contribute to the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of the people of Scotland.

Community Benefits are a key part of this strategy. Delivering on that commitment can take a variety of forms, including sub-contracting opportunities, training, recruitment or opportunities which improve economic, social or environmental wellbeing.

This apprenticeship recruitment at Mphasis supported people who live in communities where opportunities may be limited, meeting the aspirations of the Community Benefits programme.

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