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Deaf Awareness Week: Helping colleagues communicate inclusively

As part of our commitment to delivering a social security system which is inclusive and treats people with dignity, fairness and respect, last month we invited the National Deaf Children’s Society to our Glasgow High Street office.

Our employees may speak with the parents or carers of deaf children as part of their role, may have deaf children or be deaf or hearing impaired themselves.

The National Deaf Children’s Society are the leading charity for deaf children. They support every deaf child who needs them – no matter what their level or type of deafness or how they communicate.

George McGowan, the Society’s interim advice and guidance manager, visited our office and delivered two presentations, including practical exercises.

The presentations included information on:

• Getting a diagnosis for a child

• Living with the diagnosis

• Impact on new parents and the child

• Adapting lives to adjust, including information about sensory aids and support

He spoke to us after the event.

The presentations allowed our colleagues to gain a better understanding of how to communicate with families that include deaf children and received positive feedback from those who attended:

“I thought this session was excellent and it benefited both our roles and our overall understanding of deafness as a condition.”

“this session should be included as a mandatory session for all staff it was that enlightening/empowering. I learned more [about deafness] in this short time than in my life and also how to be able to help communicate with a deaf friend I know in ways which will make their life far simpler.”

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