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Inspirational refugee figures honoured by Social Security Scotland

Selina Hales

Two rooms in our Glasgow office have been named after women who work with refugee communities in Scotland.

Selina Hales, founder and CEO of charity Refuweegee, and former refugee turned volunteer Remzije Sherifi, have both been honoured.

Selina set up Refuweegee in 2015. Based in Glasgow, it helps people who have been forced to flee their homes to feel more at home in Scotland through welcome packs, emergency support, events and volunteer opportunities. They also run food, clothing, and furniture banks.

Remzije Sherifi

Remzije is a former refugee who spent nearly 20 years leading volunteering at the Maryhill Integration Network - a community organisation in Glasgow that brings people together through art, social, cultural and educational projects.

Selina said: “I’m flattered and also really proud because it’s not just a representation of what I’ve done, it’s what this city has done to make Refuweegee possible and of that I am incredibly grateful.”

Selina and Remzije were nominated by our staff to recognise people who have made an impact with their work or campaigning. They have both visited the rooms named in their honour.

Other rooms in Glasgow and at our head office in Dundee are named after inspirational people including award-winning Shuggie Bain author Douglas Stuart, Paralympic gold medallist Caroline Baird MBE and the late musician Michael Marra.

To mark Refugee Week, we are urging people to check if they are eligible for financial support.

Refugees in Scotland are entitled to the same social and economic rights as any other citizen, including benefits.

Benefit resources, including factsheets, are available in different languages on our website.

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