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Low Income Winter Heating Assistance changes name to Winter Heating Payment

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Beginning in February 2023, a new benefit, Winter Heating Payment, previously named Low Income Winter Heating Assistance, will replace Cold Weather Payment in Scotland.

The name change comes after months of user testing with people who have a lived experience of the benefits system. We ensured the chosen name made the most sense to those who will access the payment and was as clear and concise as possible. Involving the people who will use our service in its design is part of our commitment to doing things differently.

If you’re currently eligible for Cold Weather Payment from DWP and your circumstances have not changed, you’ll be eligible for a Winter Heating payment.

Unlike the UK Government’s Cold Weather Payments, our benefit will not be dependent on cold weather in a specific area to trigger a payment. Instead, removing the cold weather condition will provide people on qualifying low income benefits with an additional payment of support that they will be able to be certain about, helping towards the costs of heating their homes in winter.

All eligible households will automatically get an guaranteed annual payment of £50, supporting some 400,000 Scottish recipients, an investment of around £20 million each year to support people towards the costs of heating their homes in winter

Receiving Winter Heating Payment will not affect

  • the payment of any other benefits you’re currently getting from DWP or Social Security Scotland
  • Winter Fuel Payment from DWP

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