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Our first Equality Strategy has been published

The Equality Strategy document is placed on a wooden table.

Our first Equality Strategy, which will help make sure we treat everyone equally and fairly has been published today.

The strategy we have developed will help us to meet our responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010, both as a service provider and an employer.

Alongside our strategy, we have also published our first set of Equality Outcomes. These measurable outcomes are based on information set out in our Mainstreaming Equality Report and are informed by our stakeholders.

Each has a general statement and a specific focus aimed at bringing about positive change in the areas of: our workforce, our culture and service improvement.

To support the delivery of our Equality Strategy and Outcomes, we have published an action plan that outlines the work being delivered across the organisation.

Our Internal Equalities Network, made up of 20 colleagues from across Social Security Scotland, will play a vital role in helping to coordinate this. However, everyone within the organisation will have a part to play.

We have other strategies and action plans that help support our Equality Strategy, including our Corporate Plan and Our Charter. You can read these at

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