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Young people offered a new job urged to check out Job Start Payment

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Job Start Payment helps young people with the costs of starting a job such as buying new work clothes or covering childcare expenses. It is a one-off payment worth £267.65 or £428.25 if the applicant is the main carer of children.

The payment is available to eligible young people have been out of work for at least 6 months prior to being offered a job and are in receipt of a qualifying benefit.

Care leavers can apply for a further year, up to the day before their 26th birthday, and only need to be out of work and in receipt of a qualifying benefit on the day of their job offer.

Young people who received Job Start Payment said:

“I applied and that was able to pay for my travel and I was able to buy some shopping as well. It was a massive boost.”

Another added:

“It was a really quick experience. It didn’t really take long at all, the questions weren’t invasive, and that’s something a lot of people worry about when looking up any sort of benefit.”

Young people can find pre-application advice for Job Start Payment, which includes eligibility and award amounts, and apply at

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