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Chief Medical Officer's guidance for clinicians completing a BASRiS form

This guidance is for clinicians who have a patient with a terminal illness. It explains how to complete a Benefits Assessment for Special Rules in Scotland (BASRiS) form for the patient.

Read the Chief Medical Officer's guidance when you're completing the BASRiS form.

The BASRiS form lets Social Security Scotland know that a person is terminally ill. It gives supporting information so that Social Security Scotland can make a decision for a disability assistance award under the special rules.

The BASRiS form replaces the SR1 and the DS1500 for Scotland's new forms of disability assistance.

You should send a BASRiS form for:

  • a child (age 0-16 years) applying under special rules for Child Disability Payment in Scotland.
  • an adult (age 16 years - state pension age) applying under special rules for Adult Disability Payment in Scotland.

State pension age

For adults of state pension age who are terminally ill and who may have less than 12 months to live, an SR1 form should be completed and returned to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Pension Age Disability Payment will be delivered from Autumn 2024 through a pilot and phased approach. Social Security Scotland will then accept new applications from individuals across all of Scotland in 2025.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

For adults living in Scotland who are terminally ill and in receipt of PIP you should complete either a BASRiS form or an SR1 and return it to DWP so they can initiate expedited case transfer to Social Security Scotland.

Request a BASRiS form

Get the latest a BASRiS form.

Read the Chief Medical Officer's guidance when you're completing the BASRiS form. It details how you need to explain and give evidence of your clinical diagnosis so that the form is completed correctly.

If you cannot find the answer you need in the Chief Medical Officer’s guidance or the frequently asked questions, you can call the Clinical Helpline.

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