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Audit and Assurance Committee

Summary of the group: Our Audit and Assurance Committee gives an independent and objective view of our activity. This provides our Chief Executive (in their role as Accountable Officer) with support in their responsibilities for issues of risk, control and governance and associated assurance through a process of constructive challenge. The Committee is a statutory function and is independent of Social Security Scotland’s management.

Chair: Russell Frith

Frequency of meetings: quarterly


  • Russell Frith, Non-Executive Member (Chair)
  • Barry Matheson, Non-Executive Member
  • Naghat Ahmed, Non-Executive Member

Social Security Scotland attendees:

  • David Wallace, Accountable Officer and Chief Executive of Social Security Scotland
  • James Wallace, Deputy Director of Finance and Corporate Services of Social Security Scotland
  • Risk and Assurance Team Leader

Audit attendees:

  • The Lead Senior Internal Audit Manager, Directorate for Internal Audit and Assurance, Scottish Government
  • Pauline Gillen, Audit Director, Audit Scotland

There may be other colleagues from Social Security Scotland and other representatives from Internal Audit and Audit Scotland who attend.

Terms of reference

Meeting minutes

Annual Report of the Audit and Assurance Committee 2022/2023

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