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27 April 2021

Child Winter Heating Assistance: winter 2020/2021

Official statistics have been published on Child Winter Heating Assistance for 2020-2021.


30 March 2021

Social Security Scotland client diversity and equalities analysis to November 2020

Official statistics have been published on Social Security Scotland’s Client Diversity and Equalities analysis covering the period 1 June to 30 November 2020.


25 March 2021

Social Security Scotland Workforce Information December 2020

The data presented in this publication are taken from information held on the Scottish Government’s Human Resources (HR) system. This system is managed by the Scottish Government and is shared with Social Security Scotland and other Executive Agencies. Social Security Scotland also share the same terms and conditions of employment as the Scottish Government.


23 March 2021

Executive Advisory Body - 26 January 2021

Social Security Scotland Executive Advisory Body


19 March 2021

Portfolio Sponsor Meeting - 7 January 2021


16 March 2021

Personal Independence Payment at January 2021: summary statistics

Quarterly statistics for Personal Independence Payment in Scotland. Statistics include registrations and cases with entitlement. Further breakdowns are available at


16 March 2021

Young Carer Grant: high level statistics to 31 January 2021

High level information on Young Carer Grant, including statistics on the number of applications received, processed and authorised, as well as the value of payments made up to 31 January 2021.


11 March 2021

Transactions over £25,000 for January 2021

Details of the transactions over £25,000 in January 2021

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