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Social Research

We conduct research with Social Security Scotland clients, staff and partner organisations. We do this to find what people’s experience of Social Security Scotland has been like. The research informs decisions about Social Security Scotland’s systems, processes and policies.

Client Survey

We conduct a survey of all clients who have received one or more payments. Here are all of our Client Survey publications to date:

Social Security Scotland - Social Security Scotland Client Survey 2018-2020

Social Security Scotland - Social Security Scotland Client Survey 2018-2021

Social Security Scotland - Social Security Scotland Client Survey 2018-2021 Summary Report

Client Panels

The Client Panels are made up of clients who have agreed to take part in research with us. We run a programme of research with them to inform development and improvement of Social Security Scotland’s service. Here are our publications to date:

Covid-19 research:

Report on Covid-19 research (on website)

Covid-19 research: Summary of Findings (on website)

Some of our research projects are run jointly with the Scottish Government Experience Panels. More on the Experience Panels can be found on on the Social Security Experience Panels page.

Panel members can find out more information at on the Client Panels page.


When people complete application forms or call our helpline, we ask some questions about their experience.

Insights Research findings - April 2020 to March 2021

For previous years' Insights publications see:

Social Security Scotland: insights research findings to March 2020 - (

Charter Measurement

We fill out the Charter Measurement Framework each year. Here are the Charter Measurement Framework publications to date:

Measuring our Charter 2020-2021

Measuring Our Charter 2019-2020

The original Charter Measurement Framework containing only the list of measures can be found here:

Measuring Our Charter

We also conduct research with Client Panel members, staff and partner organisations to gather information for the framework. Here are all of our Charter Research publications to date:

Charter Research 2020-2021

Charter Research 2020-2021 Summary Report

Other Research

We also sometimes conduct research with staff, partner organisations and clients who aren’t in the Client Panels. Here are other research publications:

Corporate Plan research:

Corporate Plan Report

Corporate Plan Summary of Findings


Please contact us at for further information on Social Security Scotland research.

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